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openSUSE 董事会负责领导整个项目。董事会成员的主要任务是:
  • 充当联络的中心点
  • 帮助解决冲突
  • 将社区兴趣传达给 SUSE
  • 促进社区各部分之间的沟通
  • 在需要时促进决策过程


董事会成员由社区选举产生,主席由 SUSE 任命。现任成员如下:


115px Richard Brown (Chair) / ilmehtar is from England but currently lives in Nuremberg in Germany, and is employed as a QA Engineer by SUSE. Involved in openSUSE/SUSE since 2003, Richard has contributed to various aspects of the project, including supporting users on IRC, testing/bug reporting, packaging, marketing, ambassadors and artwork. Richard is currently most involved as a maintainer of GNOME and the openSUSE branding packages, and working on packaging Spacewalk for openSUSE.


Sarah Julia Kriesch / AdaLovelace lives in Nuremberg, Germany. A work experienced student in Computer Science at the TH Nürnberg and working as a student employee at ownCloud. Founder of the Heroes team and and contributing since the last year of education as a Computer Science Expert. Enjoys playing with openSUSE and new technologies. Likes to attend conferences and promote open source in general, openSUSE in particular.
Christian Boltz / cboltz] lives in Insheim, Germany and is probably the only board member who doesn't like beer. Another founder of the Heroes team. Wiki admin, AppArmor and PostfixAdmin maintainer and upstream developer. Long time contributor and beta tester since 9.2, shocked lots of people while reporting more than 1200 bugs nobody else can find - and is still sad that the invention of OBS and SRs makes his bug statistics look worse nowadays.
115px Tomáš (scarabeus) Chvátal happily lives in Prague, which as you know is the capitol of a country that consumes tons of beer. With that distraction present he actually managed to finish his degree from computer sciences and start working for SUSE. He is team lead of the Packagers team there and tries to break^Wfix as many things as humanly possible so we can all enjoy nice and stable openSUSE experience.
115px Gertjan Lettink / Knurpht lives in Groningen, Netherlands in a (since 2001) windowsless house, works as a self employed IT all-rounder, has a passion for open source and loves the openSUSE community. Nothing beats music though. Active in the forums, social media, co-organizer of local events. Using openSUSE and it's predecessors from 6.4, A community person, with a strong interest in the technical side of the project. Firm against this-vs-that polls.
115px Bryan Lunduke lives in Portland, Oregon. He is a technology journalist for Network World. He writes books (sometimes about Linux), records podcasts and does the occasional bit of public speaking. Also he talks about himself in the third person. Plus he smells just delightful. Sort of like roses. Only wicked, wicked better.


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  • - 董事会邀请每个人在项目的主邮件列表上讨论一般性讨论。
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  • Pascal Bleser (2007-2010) (2012-2013)
  • Francis Giannaros (2007-2008)
  • Andreas Jaeger (Chair) (2007-2008)
  • Stephan Kulow (2007-2008)
  • Federico Mena-Quintero (2007-2009)
  • Stephan Shaw (2009)
  • Michael Loeffler (Chair) (2008-2010)
  • Bryen Yunashko (2008-2011)
  • Pavol Rusnak (2009-2011) (2014)
  • Rupert Horstkötter (2009-2011)
  • Peter Linnell (2011-2012)
  • Alan Clark (Chair) (2011-2012)
  • Henne Vogelsang (2008-2012)
  • Manu Gupta (2012)
  • Will Stephenson (2012-2013)
  • Raymond Wooninck (2013)
  • Vincent Untz (Chair) (2012-2014)
  • Michal Hrušecký (2015-2017)
  • Kostas Koudaras (2013-2017)


  • 2007年11月8日:第一届 openSUSE 董事会(委任董事会)- Pascal Bleser、Francis Giannaros、Andreas Jaeger(主席)、Stephan Kulow、Federico Mena-Quintero。
  • 2008年10月27日:第二届 openSUSE 董事会(第一届由选举产生的董事会)- Pascal Bleser、Michael Loeffler(主席)、Federico Mena-Quintero*、Stephen Shaw、Henne Vogelsang、Bryen Yunashko(* Stephen Shaw 作为临时董事会成员担任 Federico Mena-Quintero 2009年5月任期的剩余部分)。
  • 2009年12月22日:第三节 openSUSE 董事会 - Pascal Bleser、Rupert Horstkötter、Michael Loeffler(主席)、Pavol Rusnak、Henne Vogelsang、Bryen Yunashko。
  • 2011年1月26日:第四届 openSUSE 董事会 - Alan Clark(主席)、Rupert Horstkötter、Peter Linnell、Pavol Rusnak、Henne Vogelsang、Bryen Yunashko。
  • 2012年1月26日:第五届 openSUSE 董事会 - Pascal Bleser、Manu Gupta、Will Stephenson、Vincent Untz(主席)、Henne Vogelsang、Andrew Wafaa。
  • 2013年1月9日:第六届 openSUSE 董事会 - Richard Brown、Robert Schweikert、Will Stephenson、Vincent Untz(主席)、Andrew Wafaa、Raymond Wooninck
  • 2013年12月14日:第七届 openSUSE 董事会 - Richard Brown、Bruno Friedmann、Kostas Koudaras、Robert Schweikert、Vincent Untz(主席)、Andrew Wafaa
  • 2014年8月11日:Vincent Untz 辞职,Richard Brown 被任命为主席接替 Vincent,Peter Linnell 被董事会任命接替 Richard 作为一个董事会成员。
  • 2015年1月27日:第八届 openSUSE 董事会 - Richard Brown(主席)、Bruno Friedmann、Kostas Koudaras、Robert Schweikert、Michal Hrušecký、Andrew Wafaa。
  • 2016年1月27日:第九届 openSUSE 董事会 - Richard Brown(主席)、Kostas Koudaras、Michal Hrušecký、Tomáš Chvátal、Gertjan Lettink、Bryan Lunduke。
  • 2017年2月21日:第十届 openSUSE 董事会 - Richard Brown(主席)、 Tomáš Chvátal、Gertjan Lettink、Bryan Lunduke、Sarah Julia Kriesch、Christian Boltz。